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Azure - DWH polybase [Access file data from DWH)

Polybase is the one of the main feature in DWH amazed me a lot due to its easiness of exploring the data from blob storage. This helps in keeping the raw data as it is in the blob/data lake folders and analyze these data inside the DWH. below diagram provides the illustration on how data can be consumed from the sources till the visualization tools. all the raw files can be stored in one folder and polybase enables the user to query the data in all these files as a single unit.  first step is to create the master key and create this only if it is not exists. keyword  CREATE MASTER KEY; next step is to create the credentials to connect with blob storage. this steps accepts the storage key and abstract from the use. Keyword CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL AzureStorageCredential WITH     IDENTITY = ' <Name of the identity> ',     SECRET = ' <storage key from storage account> ' ; next step is to create the data source