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SSIS - dataflow task stuck

I had a strange issue with TFS and SSIS project solution file in my current project. SSIS package have multiple task in it which includes loop container, execute sql task, dataflow task etc. this package was running successfully and ran multiple times locally as well as from the server. TFS contain multiple projects under same solution file. One fine day when I opened solution file, I could see all the projects except one project. I tried different methods  described in blogs and msdn to get back my project but I not succeeded. Finally I have deleted the files from TFS and created new project under the solution and added all the packages into new project. As usual I tried to execute the package from my local machine and it was executing till the data flow task but not moving ahead and completing the project. after scratching my head for an hour, I found the issue with the package. when I deleted the package from TFS to get back the project under project solution file,