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Big Data : Big Table from Google

Recently I got opportunity to explore the Big data storage systems from Google. one of my customer is moving out from Microsoft products and adopting Google and hence as a consultant we are identifying suitable products to them. I really amazed with the power and easiness of getting and configuring Google Big table for storing big data and analyze it for data science activities. Corporates are adopting Hadoop for their Big data analytics at a fast pace and I think they can consider Google Big Table and Big Query too. Big Table is a compressed, high performance, and proprietary data storage system built on Google File System (GFS). Google use the power of Big Table in most of their products such as Google Earth,, YouTube, Gmail etc. It can store peta bytes of data but not good for small size storage options. I believe the biggest advantage of adopting Big Table over Hadoop implementation is no worries of administration and adding up commodity servers as and when r

SQL- count character in a string

There was requirement from my customer to count the special character available in particular field in the table and generate the report to show if this character is repeating more than 3 times in the field. I did not find any inbuilt function in SQL server and here is the solution I have provided. String - "45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji" SQL, we have function to retrieve the total length of the string using LEN function. if we are able to reduce the special character from the string and subtract this length with the actual length we will be getting the number of occurrence. SELECT '45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji',LEN('45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji'),LEN(REPLACE('45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji','-','')), LEN('45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji')- LEN(REPLACE('45ghf-8293-89kj-kfji','-',''))