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Microsoft BI Implementation - Cube back up and restore using XMLA command

Current BI implementation require to deploy the cube in multiple location to make it available  locally in each location to improve the performance. Cube development happening in one location say X but since the company is having presence in around the world and so business users sits in different locations X, Y and Z. Internet connectivity between X, Y and Z are not good and accessing the cube deployed in X from Y and Z is very slow and it impact the end user productivity. To overcome this issue, cube has to be deployed in Y and Z locally and upload the connection in their local SharePoint as mentioned below.  Fig 1 Now let see how we can automate all these process from taking back up of the cube database to restore it in each location. Follow the below mentioned steps to automate back up and restore of cube database. - select the back up option by right click on the cube database to be backed up and generate the XMLA script after providing necessary proper