MDX - tuples or sets must use the same hierarchies in the function

MDX is totally different from SQL queries. MDX engine thrown back the error when I have given the below query .Here [Color] and [Size] belongs to the same dimension Dim Product.

Fig 1

This is very simple syntax issue. In MDX we should keep all the members of same dimension within the brackets ( ) as showed below.

Fig 2


  1. Thanks for the tip. I ran into the same problem today, thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for your help

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  4. In sql this sub query is like this
    (((V_RELATIONSHIPS.RF_Closed = '0')
    AND (V_RELATIONSHIPS.RA_Count_Services = 4)))
    and r_branch_id = br_id ) Profit,

    but in mdx i create this
    SUM(EXISTING{([Relationships Flags].[RF Closed].&[False],
    [Relationships Activity].[RA Count Services].&[4],[Relationships].[R Branch ID]=[Branch].[BR ID])},
    [Measures].[R_ Profit Total])

    but it shows error in profit column

    1. Can you please paste the error too here. also sample data.

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  6. Thanks dude. You saved my day.

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