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Hadoop - how to learn

Enterprise level data analysis and processing requirement is keep on changing day by day and it is proved that in order to make correct judgments better to deep dive into as much data as possible. Companies are adopting BIG DATA technologies to analysis the big volume of data that comes to their eco system. Some years back market analysts thought that this trend is purely due to peer pressure but later pioneers who implemented Hadoop (Open source big data frame work) started reaping the benefit. Most of the companies are adopting Hadoop framework for their data problems. There are multiple technologies which can handle big volume of data such as massively parallel processing systems like green plum, Microsoft SQL Server MPP systems, Teradata etc.  Problem with these database is cost involved for implementation and maintenance. Hadoop is completely open source and can implement using in-expensive commodity servers. There are lot of players in the market who is specialized in thei

MS-Excel -trick to format the data

Most of our day to day work we need to use MS-Excel to summarize or calculate some business data. We may have to bucket these data into various format. For e.g I need to analyze last year sales data month on month but the date should be in this particular format YYYY-MM-DD and the format of the same in spread sheet is in this format YYYYMMDD. We can change the format by two methods- 1. add custom format by right clicking and select custom option  Fig 1 give the required format here as showed in Fig 2 which enables to use the same format easily in other part of the excel as well. Fig 2 2. second option is very easy like any other formula in excel Fig 3