SSAS - Custom drill through

Here I would like to give one of the very useful tip in SSAS cube drill through report. One of my client required to have specific order of the fields in the report. Normally drill through report in cube comes as per the order of dimension selected.

This can be achieved using Analysis Service Stored Procedure (ASSP). Please visit for more details.

Now download and register the DLL. steps you can find from the below link.

Here I will demonstrate how to make use of ASSP to get the custom drill through.

Once you have installed, it appears under Assemblies folder of solution explorer.

Fig 0.1

Now go to Action tab of the cube and create new action
Fig 0.2
Provide name to the action as per the project standard, here I have given as Custom Drill Through.
Target type property decides when this drill through  report should appear, for this demo I have selected as Cells
Now in the Action expression  window write the code as shown in Fig 0.3. For custom drill through use the ASSP procedure GetCustomDrillThroughMDX.
Compliance is the dimension name and so the code will be like NAME([$Dimension].[Dimension Property])

Fig 0.3


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