SSIS - Error at pull the data from db[Excel Destination [197]]: SSIS Error code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR

This is one interesting error that I got while loading data to excel report. I have created very simple package to copy excel report template from my template folder to destination folder and trying to load data from my database but it throwed below mentioned error.

Fig 0.1

Look at the pacakge in the figure 0.2.

Fig 0.2

It pick the template from the template folder and the file name is shippedReport.xls as shown in Fig 0.3

Fig 0.3

Name of the output file is different from the input template and the name is ShippedSerials_+date.  Name of the file generating dynamically with the help of the variable.

Fig 0.4

Here comes the problem. while executing the task, it will try to find out the destination file is existing in the folder and if it is not able find out the file throws the above mentioned error.

We can avoid this issue by making the delay validation propery of loading destination file to true so that it will not try to check the destination file exist or not at the beginning stage of ETL execution.

Fig 0.5

and the output result is ....


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