SSAS - ignore unrelated Dimensions

It is good to ignore any un related dimension while comparing multiple measure values together. Lets consider below example to explain the use of the property ignoreUnrelatedDimension in cube structure of SSAS.

I have Case and installedbase details in the cube. case store all the information about the case created by the customer and installed product stores all the information related to the product. Look at the dimension relations ship as shown in Fig 0.1

Fig 0.1

Person dimension is not related to ZINSTALLBAEproactive measure. Now lets look at the excel sheet below in which I considered count of case and count of installed product for the dimension person.

Fig 0.2

Here we can see that Serialnumber count of installed product is repeating. this may confuse the end user to have proper decision.

This we can avoid by changing the setting ingoreUnrelatedDimension property of measure group to false as givne in Fig 0.3

Fig 0.3

Now process and deploy the cube and refresh the excel and you can see the result as given in Fig 0.4

Fig 0.4


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  2. ssas shold not ignore unrelated dimensions. This blog is informative and useful. You must read it. How Play Game setting option can be seen and data columns as well.


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