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MS-Excel : Power pivot

Today I explored the features of power pivot in MS-Excel and amazed with its wonderful capabilities. Even though at first glance it looks like the replica of its predecessor, power pivot has plenty of benefits attached to it. In this post I would like to show case the reason behind the powerful performance by power pivot, its installation and also small demo to understand the creation of basic pivot. Power pivot engine is known as Vertipag which is based on the in memory calculation. It can hold the entire data from the selected tables of the database which may go beyond millions of rows. Advantage of holding the entire data in memory is to avoide the expensive disk I/O which is the main reason for slow performance. Power pivot stores the data in a compressed mode to reduce the disk storage space. This we can understand it very clearly by zipping the MS-Excel power pivot file and find that there is no difference in size before and after the zipping. Another interesting feature i