MS-SQL : Stored procedure coding standard/check list

It is always better to have check list for creating stored procedure in SQL server. Most people may not think that it is really required to have; yes I agreed that for experienced developer it may not be required because by default they use the entire coding standard because of their experience. But during my 8 years of experience I have seen many of experienced developers also forgetting basic principles and hence this post.

1. Procedure name should be as per the standard provided by the client or decided by the project team.
2. Proper comments to understand the functionality.
3. Name of the preson created, date,  purpose,sample execution statement at the beginning as shown in fig 1.
4. All the syntax should be in CAPS
5. Align the code with right indentation- this helps to understand the code very easily
6. Proper exception handling as shown in Fig 2
7. Raise error appropriately to help the user understand what exactly happened.
8. Keep declaration, initiation etc. in separate section of procedure and do not mix the same.

Fig 1

Fig 2


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