Microsoft Excel - Functions

Microsoft Excel is one of the finest tools that I have worked ever to store and analysis the data. It gives lot of different features and options to show the data visually.  I have got opportunity to analyses the data and generate the reports using MS-Excel and this tool is really add one skill to my data warehousing/BI skills.
Here I would like to explore some of the functionality of this great tool and I will be giving the tips in my next posts also.

We will discuss two functions here LARGE and VLOOKUP

This is used to find the values of the large N files. In Fig 1, there are two fields mentioned in the figure, one is value field and the other one is name field. Here if we can find top 5 values using large function

Now we can look at the VLOOKUP function with the same dataset. we can find the name of the values selected by applying the formula =VLOOKUP(C2,A$2:B$17,2,0). Here C2 is the value searched in the data set F2:G17 and once the value searched it will pick the 2nd field value from the found value. Third option in the VLOOKUP function is to search exact value or the approximate match.


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